One of the best ways to appreciate your friends and show them how much you love them is by giving them a thoughtful gift. With that in mind, Below Discounts will be celebrating friendship for our National Friendship Week Sale celebration from July 28 to August 2! National Friendship Day is celebrated only during the first Sunday of August, but we at Below Discounts believe that it should be celebrated for a whole week!
Celebrate National Friendship Day With Below Discounts!

  Sat, Jul 24, 2021 2:28 AM

Friendship is one of the most important relationships that we can build. It comes in many forms and aside from our family, it is the first relationship that we develop even while we are still young.

Our friends are the people who first explored the world with us. Our childhood neighborhood pals are the first people who made memorable childhood experiences. And once we are in school, our classmates are the ones who helped us become better students and friends. But eventually, paths separate and new friends find a place in our social experience. At the same time, our world expands and our culture develops.

Why are Friends Important?

Friendships can shape and impact your overall health and happiness. There are good friends who help us in relieving stress, can provide comfort and joy, and prevent separation anxiety and isolation. Additionally, building strong friendships can also help in improving physical health. Lack of social interaction can result in smoking, drinking too much, or generally, a sedentary lifestyle. Here are important reasons why having friends is important.

  1. Good for Your Physical Health

A healthy friendship can actually contribute to good physical health! When you have a close circle of friends, you are also decreasing the risks of health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

Additionally, a good, strong friendship can decrease the feelings of loneliness and isolation, which results in a better quality of living and longer life. People with strong relationships are less likely to get the risk of premature death from all causes.

  1. They Encourage Healthy Behaviors

Has your friend even told you any health advice that you are truly grateful for? If yes, then those are just one of the benefits you can get from having a tight-knit friendship. Friends can help you make lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being. Aside from your family, they can also watch out for you and give a heads-up when any unhealthy behaviors get out of hand.

  1. They Give Emotional Support

If you are experiencing a hard time, having a friend to help you through it can make the transition easier. It is proven that happiness is contagious among friends. People with no close friends or who are far away from their friends have higher risks of developing depression, compared to those people who have constant interaction with their friends.

  1. Stress Relief

Everyone goes through stressful events. If you have people you can count on during these times, it is less likely to even perceive a tough time as stressful.

Spending time with friends can greatly reduce stress. Social connections relieve levels of stress, which can result in heart artery failures, gut function, insulin regulation, and the depletion of the immune system. When we hang out with our friends in stressful situations, our bodies produce less cortisol, a hormone released when the body is under stress.

  1. Friends Improve the Quality of Our Lives

When spending time with our friends, we are able to fill up our lives with great conversation, heartfelt caring, and support, and blissful fun.

When we fall on hard times, friends help us to put things in perspective. When we have success, they celebrate with us at our good fortune. With positive people in our life, we are becoming more mindful of gratitude and doing nice things for others. We don’t just exist when we have wholesome and healthy friendships, we thrive.

With its benefits, of course, we all know that having a good connection with others doesn’t just happen instantaneously. Nowadays, it can be challenging to meet people and develop quality connections, but remember that a small gesture goes a long way.

Get ready to celebrate friendship with our Friendship Sale!

One of the best ways to appreciate your friends and show them how much you love them is by giving them a thoughtful gift. With that in mind, Below Discounts will be celebrating friendship for our National Friendship Week Sale celebration! Although National Friendship Day is celebrated only during the first Sunday of August, we at Below Discounts believe that it should be celebrated for a whole week!

From July 28 to August 2, we will be slashing off up to 60% OFF on our exclusive products! From your best friend to your furry friend, we have everything in our sale! Here are the products to watch out for.

For your li’l friend

Black Adjustable Seat Musical Baby Walker

Did you know that you will know that your baby is starting to learn how to walk once they have learned how to cruise? “Baby cruising” is done when a baby who knows how to stand begins to walk while holding objects that assist with balance, such as the side of a coffee table, the bed frame, and more.

This is a sign that your baby is learning how to shift their weight from one leg to another while trying to balance. It is also beneficial for babies to learn how to move forward in a coordinated manner.

To aid your li’l one in cruising independently, let them “walk” with the aid of a baby walker, and to get you started, check out this Black Adjustable Seat Musical Baby Walker that will surely encourage your baby to walk while jiving with its built-in battery-operated music tray. Aside from the music tray, it also features eye-catching movable parts that will stimulate our baby’s eye-hand coordination and spatial recognition.

Camouflage Twin Umbrella Double Stroller Side By Side

Perfect for twins or kids that are born close together, this double umbrella stroller will also offer double the safety and double the convenience!

This stroller is equipped with a set of 12 wheels measuring 6” each which offers excellent control and smoothness on any terrain. Each wheel is attached to a swiveling axle that ensures ease of control when turning. The axles are equipped with a latch that locks the wheels in place to let the stroller stay in a single area.

The wheels are made of plastic spokes surrounded by ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a lightweight foam that offers great durability. The foam structure also offers excellent shock absorption even on rough terrains. You will never have to worry about waking up your sleeping kids while strolling even on a bumpy sidewalk.

Both the seats are perfectly reclined at an angle to encourage proper posture and a comfortable position. For added safety, both of the seats are equipped with adjustable straps with a quick-release buckle for convenience. The reclining seats are made from waterproof fabric for easy cleanup and an effective way to prevent odor build-up.

With two children that need to be taken care of, your baby essential bag could be filled with cluttered items and mess, making it harder to look for items you needed most on a whim. Thankfully, this stroller is equipped with two mesh bags at the handles which are handy when storing commonly used baby items such as toys, feeding bottles, and diapers.

When strolling on a sunny day, prevent nasty sunburns and eye irritation from the harmful sun rays with the built-in overhead canopies. They are adjustable so they can be tilted down completely for your kids to enjoy the sky view when the canopy is not needed.

Weighing just 15 lbs, traveling with this stroller has never been easier. They are also designed with an easy-fold system for effortless storage. Although lightweight, this stroller is built to last for a lifetime. The metal components are made from industry-grade aluminum coated with scratch-resistant paint for added durability and rust prevention.

For your furry friend

Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner High (With Top Brush)

After a fun day at the park or even just a brisk walk, your dog's paws can get dirty, very quickly. Whether they're about to hop back into the car or you just want some extra security knowing you won't have paw prints all over your home, a dog paw cleaner offers thorough cleaning and is easy to tote around with you.

This silicone dog paw cleaner is super easy to use and it’s probably one of the reasons why it’s so popular among pet parents. Just fill the cup with water (add a few drops of dog shampoo if you'd like), insert your pups' dirty paws one at a time, let the silicone bristles do a little scrubbing, and wipe those freshly cleaned paws with a dry towel. The soft bristles get in between your dog’s pads to loosen and remove dirt, mud, and even road salt.

As an added benefit this paw washer completely comes apart for easy cleaning, and it is dishwasher safe. The compact size makes this paw washer ideal for a quick grab as you head out for some outdoor shenanigans.

Pet Portable Playpen Small

If you are planning for a weekend getaway, you will need to keep your pets contained in a comfortable and spacious area that will prevent them from running away or getting bored. You may be thinking, “I already have a pet carrier. That will do the trick.”. But remember, keeping your pets in a confined space for quite some time may develop separation anxiety which will consequently result in further health concerns.

To help you with that dilemma, check out this Pet Portable Playpen only available at Below Discounts. This playpen features a tent housing design that promotes comfort and security with flowing ventilation to keep your pets well-ventilated.

It has an easy-assembly design that ensures portability, which means it can be used anywhere in a pinch. The best part is, it is made from waterproof lining for hassle-free cleaning. You don’t need to worry if your pet accidentally peed on it, simply grab a paper towel or a rag, and dab it for a quick clean!

For your friend’s comfort

TAWA Step Stool with Handle

Disabilities can affect the way a person operates in their day-to-day life, even in the most frequent place they are, their home. Even though they are already familiar with that area, it can quickly become a challenging space full of restrictions when disabilities impact their lives. From the stairs, bathrooms, and the kitchen, these areas become hazardous and can be overwhelming to interact with.

Fortunately, there are still simple ways and marvelous products that can make houses handicap-accessible homes, such as the TAWA Step Stool with Handle. Step tools are extremely helpful for people with poor balance, prone to falls, low mobility, and those who need help getting up from their wheelchairs, beds, or bathroom areas.

It is also beneficial when you need to get things out of reach such as a high cupboard. This will increase independence and create peace of mind. This step tool has a high-grade and durable rubber base that ensures your safety with this device.

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