Cat Litter Sifter Scoop

$14.98 $9.74
Product Summary
Size: 9.45×4.13×1.97 inches
Material: PP plastic material. It is lightweight but durable for use.

A flat and thin front edge can easily clean the corner, and the wide slits can help you shift clumps quickly.
The smooth surface of our cat litter scoop makes for an easier cleaning process.


  • Great Litter Scoop. This cat litter scoop has wide slits that just need a gentle shake to sift litter clump. The flat front edge makes it easy for you to clean the corner.
  • Easy to Clean. A smooth surface provides a litter scooper that can be easily rinsed after you handle the litter clump. It will make the handling process much easier and faster.
  • Durable and Safe. Our litter sifter scoop is made with thickened eco-friendly PP material, which is durable for use.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable. The handle is comfortable for holding. Your hand won't get tired easily with this lightweight and comfy litter scooper.
  • Space Saving and Cute. The hang hole and hook are designed to save space. You can hang the litter sifter scoop on a litter pan or a hanger. The handle is designed with the shape of a kitty, which is really cute.


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